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Why wasn't Black already behind bars?

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 JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Jackson Police officers arrested Michael Black, after a high speed chase and a foot pursuit Thursday morning.  As the handcuffs were tightened there was frustration in the department because it seemed likely the handcuffs won't stay on for long.

"It makes me wonder how many times we're going to have to arrest him on felonies before he goes to prison for a long time," said Jackson Police Assistant Chief Lee Vance.

Since Skycopter 3 caught Black's arrest back in 2006 as a home burglary suspect, JPD said he has been arrested five times for auto theft, four time for possession of stolen items, twice for possession of narcotics, two times for simple assault, two shoplifting arrests and an arrest for house burglary.

"We continue to arrest them, once we do that its out of our hands.  Perhaps those questions need to be asked to people who are responsible for the other two portions of the criminal justice system," said Assistant Chief Vance.

Hinds County District Attorney Robert Shuler Smith said, "In our files we are showing that the last case received by the District Attorney's office was in 2006 for three charges."

Smith provided the print out from his office to WLBT listing the charges of vehicle burglary and receiving stolen goods from December 2006.  He said if Black has since committed other crimes his office was never informed.

"Not all cases make it to our office of course we won't know about them unless they make it," said Smith.  When asked why files do not always make it to his office he replied, "That's something we would have to ask the department."

Smith said JPD has never contacted him with concern about Michael Black.

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