Man dies in killer bee attack - - Jackson, MS

Man dies in killer bee attack

DOUGHERTY COUNTY, GA (NBC) - Killer bees are now in Georgia.

Tests confirm Africanized honeybees attacked and killed a Dougherty County man last week.

It's the first time those aggressive and dangerous bees have been found in the state.

73-year old Curtis Davis died after he was stung more than a hundred times.

Firefighters used a fire extinguisher to rescue Davis, but not in time

"Obviously we think they came up from Florida, but the Africanized bee and the regular honey bee are very similar about the only way to do any positive ID is through DNA," said Bee Keeper Dale Richter.

Tests came back positive.

Now the Department of Agriculture is setting traps for the first time in Dougherty County to see if there are more.

"We will be putting out more traps that the Department of Agriculture will be monitoring to see if this is an isolated incident or if there are others out there," said Richter.

Emergency responders are spreading the word and planning new training.

"We're coordinating some training with some of the other agencies in Dougherty County to kind of inform the responders of what they may need and what possibly to do," said Chuck Mitchell, Albany Dougherty Rescue Team Commander.

Davis' family hopes others will heed the warnings, their father didn't get.

"He loved to build he couldn't stop, but the one thing about it, he died doing what he liked, that was working," said son Tony Gray.
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