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Prostitution house flies under the radar

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By Cheryl Lasseter - bio|email|twitter

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The raid at Tiffany's on West Street Wednesday night netted seven arrests.

Manager Robert Allen is charged with running a house of prostitution. One woman, Nakelia Casey, is charged with prostitution. To say the other women were scantily clad is an understatement, and used condoms were scattered about.

"I'm scared to touch anything in here," said one investigator as he searched the establishment with a flashlight.

When was the last time City of Jackson paid a visit to see what's going on at Tiffany's? Inspectors might have found the illegal activity, and the health concerns that the sheriff's department found.

3 On Your Side contacted the City of Jackson to seek answers. Friday evening, city spokesman Chris Mims sent the following via email: "Tiffany's was last inspected less than two months ago by Police.  All strip clubs are inspected by the Police Department and strippers have to be licensed by the Jackson Police Department. I would refer any follow up questions to the Police Department."

"The public health issues worry us more so than the criminal issue that we saw. You expect drugs, guns, but some of the things we saw are quite shocking," says Sheriff's Department Lieutenant Jeffrey Scott.

Along with the drugs, a bottle of vodka was found in a locker. Tiffany's does not have an ABC permit to sell liquor. It does have a beer permit.

We asked Mississippi Department of Revenue spokesperson Kathy Waterbury if vodka in a bottle on premises is a violation. "If the beer permittee had control on the premises, or the persons running the business had control over that bottle (it would be a violation)," she says. "Brown bagging is legal in a wet county with a beer permittee only."

It's unclear if any drinks were being mixed amid the partying at Tiffany's.

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