Remains of 5 infants found in closet - - Jackson, MS

Remains of 5 infants found in closet

READING, PA (NBC) - Authorities believe a Pennsylvania woman who secretly conceived several children through an extramarital affair killed at least four of her newborns.

44-year-old Michele Kalina is charged with homicide and aggravated assault.

Five sets of remains were found hidden in a closet in her home.

She is accused of hiding at least six pregnancies from her husband, longtime boyfriend and teenaged daughter.

DNA tests show bones found in a locked closet in Kalina's home came from five babies; at least four of those children were born alive.

A coroner says those four children died from violent, unnatural deaths.

"He concluded that four of the remains were term birth, post-natal death due to non-natural, violent cause and means consistent with asphyxia, poisoning or neglect," says Berks County Prosecutor John Adams.

Kalina will be held without bail pending a preliminary hearing scheduled for Thursday.
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