Infant mauled by pit bull - - Jackson, MS

Infant mauled by pit bull

JACKSONVILLE, FL (NBC) - A 3-day-old Florida infant has died after being attacked by the family pet pit bull.

A Jacksonville Sheriff's Office report says the child was bitten by the dog inside a home on in Arlington Sunday night.

Police said when they arrived a rescue worker was carrying a small baby from the home.

The baby, identified as 3-day old Justin Valentin, was transported to a local hospital where he later died of his injuries.

Police said owners had secured the dog inside a cage at the home by the time they arrived.

The infant's mother asked for privacy while the family mourned.

"It was my understanding the parents had put the baby in a room and left it briefly to do something," said Scott Trebatoski, spokesman for Animal Care and Protective Services.

The male dog, named Biggs, was put down yesterday at the request of the owners, he said.

"This dog looked very well cared for. It didn't look abused. It didn't look like there were any outward signs that this dog would have done what it did," said Trebatoski, who added that the dog appeared to be a year and a half old.

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