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Ridgeland business owner fined for signs, says politicians allowed to slide

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RIDGELAND, MS (WLBT) - It happens every political season. Candidates place their signs all around town, trying to get exposure, but some are breaking the law at the same time.

Last Christmas David Ashley who owns Ridgeland Sign company paid a stiff fine to the city of Jackson, breaking the law, while promoting his business.

"I paid a $260.00 fine for putting two signs in the right away," says Ashley.

It's a mistake he won't make again, but he says politicians are getting away with it right and left.

Ashley says, "I've seen myself and some others that have been picked on, we had to pay a fine where they turn their head on some of these political candidates."

Jackson code enforcement officials say they enforce the sign ordinance on everyone.

Kenneth Taylor, Deputy Director of Code Services says, "We are finding there are some violations and we are taking the appropriate approach on what we do if it's removing it or getting with the campaign headquarters to alert them that their sign is in violation."

The sign ordinance requires all political or business signs to be ten feet from the right away. Anyone caught could face fines up to 1000 per day, per sign.

Thursday, WLBT found some placed in areas that appeared to be in violation.

Taylor says, "Repeat offenders they probably will end up in environmental court, we go by and notify them more than one or two times, they're going to end up in environmental court."

City officials say the biggest problem they have with political signs is that they block the view for motorists at many corners.

Candidates are being asked to remove them immediately following next weeks election, or they could face other fines.

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