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Look Around Mississippi: haunted house of all haunted houses

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By Walt Grayson - bio | email 

The old school at Wesson looks pretty spooky even in the daylight. And Cub Scouts who've camped in the basement and heard the piano play in the auditorium up above in the middle of the night will attest that the old building probably is haunted in and of itself, anyway.

But no self-respecting ghost could stay here after dark this Halloween weekend. WAY too much screaming and noise. All because the old school has been converted into a Halloween haunted house, organized by the Wesson Chamber of Commerce.

Steven Ashley: It's kind of, the idea came by itself. You know this place looks haunted anyway. We were looking for a good fund-raiser for the Chamber. So, here it is.

Walt: Down in the bowls of the haunted house are several rooms. Some take on themes from popular horror movies, others just are manifestations of the imaginations of the creators, and at least one, the train room, is lifted from a local legend, of the ghost of Dr. Rowan, who was run over by a train at Beauregard, just up the tracks from Wesson and for years you could see a lantern light swinging by the tracks at night.

But if you tried to get to the light, it would just fade away. Wesson haunted house goers get to experience what the Doctor must have.Mayor Alton Shaw considers the haunted house to be a masterpiece of small town ingenuity and cooperation.

Alton Shaw: The attraction here, the home-town people getting together and doing something locally that just gets out there and spreads out. It's a good thing for people to come to.

 Walt: Jennifer Griffith plays a clown in the haunted house. But she's not kidding around.

Jennifer Griffith: I love the people that come through it because they think this is going to be some little horror house and it ends up being fantastic. We've had so many people genuinely scared here.

 Walt: And that's the fun of a Halloween haunted house. You know you aren't really in danger, but it's frightening all the same. Kind of like going to your in-laws. One man really got into it the other night.

Steven Ashley: The train scared him so bad he lost his footing and ended up on the floor and he was trying to swim down that concrete floor.

Participants: (Walt: Would you go back through it again?) No! We're about to!

Walt: There's your endorsement. Scared silly and ready to do it again. And to do so, all you have to do is take your place in line in front of the Old School in Wesson And then try not to break and run away as you hear the screams from the inside.

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