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Parents accuse police of harassment and abuse

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HAZLEHURST, MS (WLBT) – A Copiah county couple is outraged that a night of Halloween fun ended with bailing their teenage daughter out of jail.

They accuse Hazlehurst police of harassment and singling out the children in their neighborhood.

The Halloween Haunted House and birthday party at a Hazlehurst home on Haley Street ended Saturday evening when Donald and Rachel Davis said their daughter was arrested.

Eighteen year old Rosecynthia Davis said she had taken her 11-year-old brother Donald and other children trick or treating around the corner when several police cars surrounded them.

The Hazlehurst High School senior said most of the children in the group ran.

She said she questioned the officer and started calling her mother on her cell phone.

"Why are you stopping us? And she was like cause ‘I got a complaint about y'all throwing eggs'. We didn't even have no eggs. So why you picking on us? Everybody else was walking around. It was just a whole group of us," said Rosecynthia Davis.

Her 40 year old mother said her son was also hit by an officer.

"My son told me the Officer Terrell kicked him in his back and told him to get on the ground," said Rachel Davis.

She said during the party police were patrolling the street.

Davis is upset that her daughter was arrested and taken to lock up after not being found with eggs.

"I guess she was talking back to the officer or what but still you didn't have to make me go to Gallman. I already ain't got no money then you made me go to Gallman. Now she has a record. My daughter ain't never been in trouble before," added the angered mother.

"It's straight up racial. What they're doing is wrong. They post up in the black neighborhood," said Rosecynthia's father Donald Davis.

Hazlehurst police officials confirmed that they are investigating an incident involving children.

No other information was released.

Meanwhile Rosecynthia said she feels she was unfairly targeted and has a December first court date for the disorderly conduct charge.

"I had to go take a mug shot in an orange suit for nothing I didn't even do. That's embarrassing," said Rosecynthia.

The Davises said they plan to file a formal complaint with the department Monday.

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