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Halloween candy tainted with meth?

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LEVELLAND, TX (NBC) - Police in Levelland, Texas are waiting on lab tests to confirm whether or not Halloween candy given to a 4-year-old was laced with drugs.

The investigation is a Halloween nightmare for police who are working to figure out how methamphetamines made it into the body of a four year old.

"We were so scared because we didn't know what happened," said the boy's father, Jaime Chavez.

The 4-year-old was not himself Friday afternoon.

Non-responsive and seizing, Jaime's mom rushed her son to the hospital.

The Chavez family had no reason to believe their son was high.

"The test came back to show he had meth in his system," said Police Chief Toney Cowan.

When Sgt. Ricky Galdino got to the hospital he didn't expect to learn the boy was high.

"The family is upset. I would be too as a grandparent," said Sgt. Galdino.

At the hospital Sgt. Galdino learned from Jaime's mom that maybe the meth could have come from candy his sister got during a Halloween festival at school.

He immediately contacted Levelland Independent School District administrators.

Jaime's sister did not get sick.

"We notified the school district the possibility some of the candy had meth in it," explained Chief Cowan who said the district was very concerned.

The school district asked parents to bring their kids candy back.

Officers went to pick up the candy first thing Monday morning.

The sweet treats parents sent to school are now evidence, waiting to be tested for traces of meth.

"It concerns us. What are we dealing with? One piece or the entire bag?" said the chief, who is testing it all to be safe. "We are not 100 percent sure of the parent who sent the candy but we have a pretty good idea."

Chief Cowan says he has never dealt with the possibility of drug laced Halloween candy, but is determined to find the person who gave the 4-year-old meth.

The department says it could have been worse.

There are no reports of any other children testing positive for meth and Jaime is the only incident.

Investigators will not know for sure whether or not the candy was laced with drugs until test results come back.

Jaime went back to the doctor on Monday and got the thumbs up from physicians.

Police don't have any reason to believe that the boy had any access to meth in his home.
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