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Church Burglary: Caught on Cam

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BOTHELL, WA (NBC) - Police in Washington state are investigating a number of church burglaries in the Seattle area.

The latest was caught on tape and investigators are hoping to use the video to catch the thieves.

For more than two hours Tuesday morning the band of burglars made their way through Cedar Park Assembly Of God in Bothell.

Armed, wearing masks and carrying two-way radios, at least four suspects immediately targeted the finance office and the safe inside.

The whole time they move around calmly, even though a custodian was on the floor below them.

They wheeled the safe outside, then placed it in a rolling trash dumpster and pushed it off of church grounds.

Pastor Craig Gorc suspects it could be an inside job, or a former member of the congregation.

"You can see by the video people are comfortable and familiar," he says. "You don't get the impression they're not hunting for the office, So I'm convince they have been here before."
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