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Jackson home destroyed by fire

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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A Jackson family has lost everything they owned.

A fire reported at 9:10 Monday morning completely destroyed the home at 1035 Hallmark.

But it was the heroic efforts of two men on their way to a job in the neighborhood who saved the homeowner and the family pet.

Jay Darby and Robert Tolls were headed to a construction job in the Woodlea Estates Subdivision when they saw smoke coming from the roof of the house in the one thousand block of Hallmark Drive.

"I went to beating on the doors, running around the house beating on the doors, trying to get someone to answer", said Darby.

Darby says the homeowner, Myron Smith was in the shower when they kicked in a door.

"He thought we were breaking in.  He had no idea his house was on fire", Darby said.

"I go back, I said well let me put some clothes on. He said well man you need to get out of here cause the roof is on fire, the house is about to go. So I run back and put on what I've got on and thank God I'm here", said Myron Smith.

Darby and Tolls called 9-1-1.

"Felt like it took forever. I'd bet it didn't take very long. It just felt like everything was in slow motion, but I mean it was a whole house when we got here. It took 3 minutes for it to be completely engulfed in flames", Darby said.

After getting out safely Smith remembered the family pet.

Tolls went back into the burning home to rescue the family pet.

"Robert went around the back and kicked the back door in, and Robert then took a big, deep breath and went in and got the dog", said Darby.

Neighbors have theories about why this house is a total loss.

"The water pressure is so low, 3 fire engines, 4 fire engines cannot put the fire out", Clara Jackson said.

"I'm in total shock. The Mayor lives just 3 or 4 houses down. I wonder what the Mayor has to say about the fact that on the street that he lives a house can burn to the ground. I can't believe it", said Carol Fielder.

Smith says he is thankful to the two men who didn't just drive by.

"Its a great loss to me and my family. I mean as of tonight we don't have a house, we don't have a place to call home. But God will make a way, we'll get through this," Smith said.

There were no injuries.

Division Chief, R.D. Simpson says the fire and it's cause are under investigation.

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