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Bank robbery witness accuses 911 of slow response

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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) -  An eye witness to an October bank robbery said she called 911 as the crime was happening and had a long wait until a dispatcher picked up the phone.

One of the accused armed robbers has been taken into custody.

The crime witness believes both men would be behind bars if 911 had acted quicker.

A woman, who only wants to be identified as Joy, said she was in the drive thru at the Trustmark Bank in Deville Plaza on Oct. 12th when an armed heist unfolded before her eyes.

"As I look over I realize there are people jumping out with hand guns, bandanas on, covered up," said Joy.

The 42 year old, who was parked in front of the suspect's vehicle, picked up her cell phone.

"I called 911 as they entered the doors. It rang and it rang and it rang and it rang," said the Rankin county resident.

Finally she said a dispatcher answered but was slow to get her information or send help.

"They had time to come in push an elderly man down, jump the counters, clean out some tills, walk through a little half door that swings and come back out. When they were coming out the first door is when 911 answered," said the eyewitness.

And she said that's when one of the men saw her.

"As he rounded to his passenger door he looked up at me and his gun was pointed toward the ground and then he pointed it at me and he did that hesitation like he was thinking what should I do?," said the frightened witness.

He didn't fire, and she said he got into the car.

A vehicle she said she later learned was a stolen tan Infinity with an Ole Miss sticker.

Joy said she was still on the phone giving the dispatcher information about the fleeing suspects when two patrol cars passed them.

"I'm on the phone with them letting them know details of where they've pulled and where they've gone. That just seems like a comedy of errors that started with 911 to me," she added.

The crime witness said she didn't leave because she wanted to do her part as a good citizen and help, but she feels 911 isn't doing its part.

"Seconds do very much count," Joy emphasized. 

Twenty two year old Samuel Terrail Young was arrested Oct. 13th and charged with two counts of bank robbery.

J.P.D. Officer Colendula Green said the 911 commander will review the recordings and investigate the robbery witness's complaint.

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