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Parents protest Ridgeland daycare

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By Jewell Hillery

RIDGELAND, MS (WLBT) - As parents dropped their kids off at the Wee Care Quality Child Care Kindergarten, it was hard to miss the group of protestors.

They held signs like "diaper rash caused by too few diaper changes" and "has your child been getting hurt without you being notified?"

One dad, Daniel Martinez, said, "I just couldn't stand for it anymore, so this is what this is about and I want other parents to know this kind of stuff's happening."

Martinez's two-year-old son Noah attends the center.

Since Noah started a month ago, he's had several illnesses.

Martinez said he took his son to the doctor and he was diagnosed with walking pneumonia, an ear infection, and an awful diaper rash.

Martinez blames his son's illnesses on the daycare.

Daniel Martinez went on to say, "they say kids get sick in daycare, colds I can understand, but diaper rashes that's not caused by anything but lack of care."

In a statement, daycare president Buck Russell said, "we've been here thirty years, 200 kids with 400 parents. We're a quality childcare center with a well-trained staff.  Our children read and write before they go to school."

One mom said her daughter was left inside of the daycare alone.

Another parent alleged her child came home with a broken arm and was never notified.

Some parents could not believe it.

Tina Ruffin said, "my daughter has been here three years and we've had a wonderful experience here and I was very surprised when I drove up this morning to see the crowd here."

WLBT contacted the state health department and was told the daycare is in complete compliance with regulations governing licensure of child care facilities.

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