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Southern Savers tips to saving while grocery shopping

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 PEARL, MS (WLBT) - Interested in shaving 50 to 60 percent off your grocery bills?  A mother of three and founder of spoke to a standing room only crowd in Pearl on how to buy more and spend less.

"We saved $400 for the same amount of groceries every month," said Jenny Martin, founder of

She's discovered a way to never pay retail price for food and she was sharing it.   First, throw out your old shopping list.

"When you make that list you are really making a massive list of what's not on sale today in the grocery store.  We have to focus on those sales and the goal is to buy the best price," said Martin.

Grocery stores like Kroger fluctuate on a six week cycle and once during each cycle the price will hit rock bottom.  Focus on items that are 40% off or more.

Next, learn to stock up.   "So when you walk in and see that really great price buy enough of it to last you the next six weeks.  Because if you don't two weeks from now when you run out you're purchasing at retail," said Martin.

You can save even more by clipping coupons or finding them online.  "When I do that some things are free just by pairing that really great sale with the coupon that you have," said Martin.

Carrie Barksdale has been using Martin's methods and it is literally paying off. "Why spend a dollar on something when you can spend 25 cents?" asked Barksdale showing off a Kroger receipt. "I saved $55.57 that's a savings of 80%."

She's sharing that savvy shopping style with her nine year old daughter and using the money saved to help those in need.

"This is a really good practical way for anyone to be able to give because we all go to the grocery store," said Barksdale.

Martin has done all the homework for you to find the lowest prices in the six week cycle. Go to


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