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Elderly Smith Co. woman living in deplorable conditions

By Bert Case - bio | email

SMITH COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Margaret Fowell was a beautician for 30 years. Now, her health won't allow her to do that any more.

She lives alone in this 37-year-old trailer, just north of Mize, in rural Smith County. She can barely get around, both of her feet are bandaged up.

She lives off of an $880 a month social security check. She has two sons living, one 53 who lives near Nashville, and another 55 who works on cars in Magee. Both send her money and one gave her a car. She still drives. She says her sons do what they can. She lives in deplorable conditions in the trailer that leaks, and has since hurricane Katrina in 2005. She had a FEMA trailer for a while, but they took it away because of the formaldehyde in it. We asked her why she called WLBT.

She says she eats vegetables out of cans because her false teeth are broken and that is all she can swallow . She says she knows she is dying, but can't get any help. Margaret Roswell will turn 82 next month and she hopes somebody will see this story and offer her some help.

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