Adoption Celebration - - Jackson, MS

Adoption Celebration

By Maggie Wade - bio| email

Each year hundreds of children are placed in adoptive homes in Mississippi. This year alone more than three hundred children have been adopted through programs like Wednesday's Child which airs on WLBT.  Saturday families came to the Jackson Convention Complex from all over the state to celebrate adoptions. Many of the children who attend spend years in foster care before finding their forever families.

"Right now we have about 570 children in Mississippi that are legally free for adoption. Now 449 of those children are in placement for adoption. And I want to tell you that last year the federal fiscal year from October 1, of 2009 through 30 September of this year, we placed and had adopted 354 children in Mississippi", said Don Thompson, Executive Director of the State Department of Human Services.

"When you grow up without any meaningful connections, life for you is much more difficult. The chances of your becoming involved in the criminal justice system, being unemployed, living in poverty are so much greater", said Sue Cherney, Executive Director of Southern Christian Services For Children And Youth.

Saturday's  program was organized by Southern Christian Services for Children and Youth. Most of the children who are still waiting to be adopted are teenagers. National Adoption Month focuses on bringing awareness of the need for permanent homes to potential families throughout this state and the nation.

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