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Children at now play

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PICKENS, MS (WLBT) -  This weekend parents in Holmes County helped make a dream come true for children in one small town.

They cleared the way for a new play area that replaced equipment burned this summer by arsonists.

Children in Pickens squealed and laughed as they tried out the  out the new playground equipment that the Martin Luther King Jr. Foundation and parents worked to have installed.

Saturday parents helped transform the area.

"Parents came out with lawn mowers, swing blades, power saws, rakes, hoes and equipment and we went out and cut some of the bushes away to landscape the playground for the kids," said M.L.K. Foundation President Herman Edwards.

Since July the children in the community and Edwards have been anticipating the day when they would see the once charred play area filled with children at play.

"A playground was where the community met, where the parents and the kids and everyone came. It was like a family, a real community. This was the only community that I've lived in that didn't have a playground," said Edwards.

The $150,000.00 playground is modern with everything from see saws and swings to a pavilion.

There is a basketball court for the older kids.

It offers plenty of opportunities to keep young bodies moving.

"I heard this thing about kids being obese, kids overweight, so they need a physical activity in order to keep them down because I have two kids that I'll be bringing to this playground," said Pickens resident and parent William Primer.

Parents, who said they had to take their children to Madison county and other parks, are thrilled.

"The kids need something to do. When I was growing up here when I was younger we rarely had anything to do, and you might get into mischievous deeds. They really need something to do," said Damon Edwards.

Volunteers helped make this a reality for a small town that parents say needs to focus on its younger generation.

"The kids are not wandering the streets. They have a place to play. They have a place to hang out that's safe," added the foundation president.

The burned jungle gym, the final piece of playground equipment, should be installed in December.

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