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Apartment flooding problem

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David Kenney - reporter

MORTON, Miss. (WLBT) - A Scott County family is cleaning up their home, after a broken water pipe flooded their apartment.

It happened at the Forest Apartments in the town of Morton.

When calls to the apartment managers did not get any results, tenant Willie Finderson  called 3 On Your Side.  

Finderson is an unhappy tenant at the apartments. 

He's leading a round the clock mopping marathon, trying to stop a water leak, that just won't stop.

"My wife been helping me and everything, I've been trying to keep the water up and everything, she fell," says Finderson.

Finderson says it started flooding here last Thursday.

Finderson immediately told management who he claims have done nothing to fix it. 

We were contacted by the Forest Apartments owner, Dr. James Haynes, who lives out of state.

Haynes says a plumber was called when the problem was detected, but they did not immediately respond.

Haynes also said motel rooms were offered to the flooded tenants, and promised to pay for any damaged items.

Monday afternoon a plumber did arrive, but soon left without fixing the leak claiming he needed a part.

Willie Finderson spent more time, arguing with management, trying to get a resolution, hoping his apartment flooding is fixed, before all his belonging's go down the drain.

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