Repair shop owner complains that closed bridge hurts business - - Jackson, MS

Repair shop owner complains that closed bridge hurts business

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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – A Jackson businesses owner says that a closed bridge is causing his business to suffer to the tune of thousands of dollars.

But according to city officials, they are working to get the dangerous structure re-opened as soon as possible.

Delta Muffler and Exhaust owner Billy Davis is upset about the closure of the Cedars of Lebanon Drive Bridge located one block east of his State Street business.

"Nobody is fixing it, trying to do anything about it. You call the Mayor's Office and they don't respond, and it's hurting our business," said Davis.

His repair shop has been located at the intersection of State and Cedars of Lebanon for about 25 years.

The Madison resident said the bridge closure is not only an inconvenience but is affecting him financially.

"$500.00 a week adds up, 52 weeks is about $25,000.00," said Davis.

In August of 2007, the city reduced the weight limit on this bridge from 12,000 to 6,000 pounds.

This past April the city closed the bridge, because it was found to be structurally unsafe.

Jackson City Spokesman Chris Mims said the bridge replacement hit a snag when the cost bids were higher than the half million dollars allocated for the project.

"The bridge will be closed about four to six months while officials identify more funding and contractors re-bid on the project," said Mims.

That is still no consolation for the business owner who said no one has told him when it will finally be completed.

"I wish the city could do something about it. I mean they've got stuff that they're doing downtown for recreation and stuff and our bridges are out. We're paying taxes," added the Jackson businessman.

Davis said he will be contacting his council representative in hopes that action can be taken sooner.

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