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Technology savings could cost state jobs

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By Ashley Conroy - email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -- As the state of Mississippi remains in a vulnerable condition, measures are in the works from the State Legislature to save wherever possible.

The Select Efficiencies Government Committee met at the state capitol on Wednesday to discuss ways to save technology costs in state agencies.

"It's a very tight budget year,"said Chairman Senator Merle Flowers (R) Olive Branch. "We're looking at every dollar and cent we can save to reallocate to education or health care."  

Flowers also said they're asking agencies to look at eliminating any unnecessary technology. "From cell phone use to state automobiles to information technology in computers."

He said agencies can also save by reducing bulk purchases and outsourcing jobs. The overall goal is to eliminate tens of millions of dollars in the long run.

However, he mentioned through outsourcing jobs this could also mean eliminating some IT positions in state government.

"If some jobs are transferred in the process to the private sector and the service level goes up, I think that's a win for the tax payers."

Senator Flowers does say this is yet to be determined. Once the meetings are completed, the next step is to present these results to the legislature.  

Meantime, he says all agencies do have the capability to save in technology costs. "Every agency in the state of Mississippi can save money in the technology arena if they will."    

The Department of Finance and Administration and the Department of Information Technology presented to the committee in this first meeting.

More agencies are expected to testify when the committee meets again on Dec. 8th and the 13th.

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