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By Jewell Hillery

Have you ever wanted to buy a product or a gift but just couldn't afford it without someone else's help?

Well, now with the help of the cyberspace community, there's a new way to get a deal on local merchandise.

You're probably familiar with "Nandy' s Candy" if you're from around Jackson.

Among many delicacies, the shop is known for its chocolate covered strawberries.

Those treats usually cost $32 a pound, but Wednesday you could have gotten them for half off.

Emmie King with Nandy's Candy said, "to be able to give a gift that's a $32 value for half price and to be able to give it as a gift you know you're giving a quality gift, but you are getting a steal." 

That steal is available through a website called  The free online tool which began in 2008 launched in Jackson this week.

Once you sign up, Groupon sends you a daily email informing you about a deal at a local business.

Jessica Keown and her friend, Meg Lake, know all about it.

Keown said, "today I bought the Nandy's Candy and I'm very excited about getting a little Christmas happy for someone."

"I think its pretty awesome that you get a different one everyday and you save some money," Meg added

There is a catch to save that money and get that deal.

You can only snag the deal if a certain number of people commit to buying the deal of the day.

To take advantage of Groupon, you don't just have to be at a computer, you can actually apply for the program on your i-phone and make purchases right from your phone.

Jessica Keown also added that she looks forward to it every morning and it's one of the first things she does by getting on her phone and checking to see what they have that day.

 Several people have already caught deals at the Mississippi Sports Hall of Fame Museum.

And Wednesday at Nandy's Candy, there were enough Groupon users to get the half off chocolate strawberries.

Nandy's Candy owner, Nancy King, said, "I think hopefully it'll bring people in the front door, you know somebody new."

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