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Former deputy sentenced for incest

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This is a case that has drawn a lot of attention. You have a career law enforcement officer, charged with sexual battery and incest. Starting Friday London Williams will find out what it's like to behind the bars that he helped put so many other criminals behind.

A Warren County Circuit Court Judge sentenced the former Deputy Sheriff to 10 years in prison for having sex with his natural daughter. 3 years were suspended. This case has presented prosecutorial problems in the legal system.

Two cases that London Williams investigated as a Deputy Sheriff have been dismissed, one was an armed robbery. Many other victims may never see justice according to Warren County District Attorney Ricky Smith, JR. "The fact he now has a felony conviction of his own that would go to probably diminishing his credibility as a witness and therefore a lot of his cases are going to have to be dismissed. That puts us in a very awkward position because we have victims out there who now will not have their day in court will not get justice that they deserve."

The incident happened in May. Because he was a lawman the case was fast tracked by the Warren County District Attorney. Williams never apologized for his actions in court. The District Attorney says Williams always maintained that sex with his 20 year old daughter was consensual. As Smith told us,"consensual is not a defense to incest. "

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