Law enforcement increases patrols during holiday shopping season - - Jackson, MS

Law enforcement increases patrols during holiday shopping season

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By Jewell Hillery

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Jackson Police and the Hinds County Sheriff's Dept. are teaming up to help protect shoppers this holiday season.

The idea is to keep shoppers and their valuables safe.

Expect to see an increase in Jackson Police officers and Hinds County sheriff's deputies when you're out buying gifts this holiday season.

"Normally during this time of the holiday season, shoppers get careless and leave their vehicles unattended and leave their valuables in plain view there is a tendency for the criminal element to seize that opportunity," Jackson Police Chief Rebecca Coleman said.

This boost in law enforcement also comes in the form of officers patrolling on horses.

The increase in officers is called "Operation Safeshop."

Typically, the operation gets underway right after thanksgiving, but this year it began at the beginning of Nov. and will extend throughout Dec.

"We have sheriff deputies as well as the reserve, our police reserve along with those officers who have normally been in the office they have been assigned to different areas throughout the city," Chief Coleman said.

When people go shopping, Hinds Co. Sheriff Malcolm McMillin says one thing is key, it's called common sense.

"It's not rocket science, its common sense, help us help you, if you don't leave your packages in the back of your car and leave it unlocked and unattended chances are you're not going to get burglarized," Sheriff McMillin said.

When people go shopping this holiday season, they will likely see a mobile command unit at various shopping plazas in the Jackson area.

In addition to seeing more patrols in shopping centers, McMillin says you will also notice more patrols in your neighborhoods throughout the holidays.

"We're going to be out in the neighborhoods looking for folk who are doing there own shopping in your neighborhood, while you're out we're going to have extra people there to help prevent crime," Sheriff McMillin said.

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