Freed Nigerian hostage talks about his ordeal - - Jackson, MS

Freed Nigerian hostage talks about his ordeal

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By Bert Case - bio | email

SILVER CREEK, MS (WLBT) - Last week, two Mississippi oil workers returned home after being held captive by Nigerian militants. James Robertson of Silver Creek was one of the 19 people taken hostage on November 8th.

Robertson was the tool pusher, or foreman of the group of oil well workers who were captured and later freed by the Nigerian military.

He didn't like being a hostage for 10 days, but says he was treated well and intends to go back to Nigeria after Christmas.

"I don't want to go through it again" said Robertson. "I've done it, but I'm gonna go back. I have no beef with those boys. If it happens again, we'll see what happens. Knowing me I will probably go back, if they treat me right again."

Robertson was the one who made a deal with the FBI to keep reporters away from him when he flew back into Jackson last week. But he called us later, and volunteered to talk.

Robertson says he was warned by his company, Transocean, before he went to Nigeria, that this could happen, and was assured he would be freed.

"I told mama, I said look, this is, this is what's gonna happen eventually, but I don't want you to worry" said Robertson. "They are gonna kidnap me. They are gonna bring me to their camp, but they are going to feed us, take care of us." "All they want is money out of us."

Robertson told us the most frightening moment was when the Nigerian military raided the camp and freed him and the other 18 hostages.

"And there were several times when they started bombing the other camp, that I thought I was gonna die" said Robertson. "And I told the lord, just make it quick."

Robertson says he's happy to be back in his hometown of Silver Creek, talking with friends.

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