New harassment allegations against officers on video - - Jackson, MS

New harassment allegations against officers on video

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – A north Jackson family claimed they are being harassed by the same police officers who were caught on camera raiding a store and arresting the owners.

The Rushings said the narcotics officers have repeatedly targeted their home without cause and they fear what may happen next. 

According to Tracey Rushing, Jackson police officers have gone to his Woodmont Drive home three times this month without probable cause, even bursting into his home three weeks ago without a search warrant.

The 45-year-old said they returned November 16th.

"We're leaving out my yard. They stopped us and harassed out there in the yard saying they'll take all us M. F.'s to jail. This is a drug house. This is a gambling house," said Rushing.

The home renovator said he's not a criminal and doesn't understand the harassment.

But this week Rushing said he recognized the officers from video surveillance of a convenience store arrest.

"The tall black guy that had the man in handcuffs I know he was at my house cause he told me to shut my mouth," said the frustrated homeowner.

Monday night his 21-year-old son, Kevin Smith, said he and a friend left the house and just got into their car when officers stopped them.

"As soon as they took us out of the car they called us all type of M. F.'s and B's and all that. They threatened to take everybody to jail out there and was talking about they were going to come up to the yard and take my mama to jail," said Smith.

The Hinds Community College freshman said he was arrested and charged with possession of a marijuana cigar.

His father was there and questioned officers.

"That night this McCullen I think he's a lieutenant I don't think he's an officer but he told me to shut my mouth, and I haven't seen anything yet because they're gonna get me," said Rushing.

"There will be an investigation of the incident. If he feels he has been harassed he has an opportunity to file a complaint with the Internal Affairs Department," said Jackson Police Officer Colendula Green.

Smith said there is a lot of traffic at the home because he has converted a room into a recording studio and has a group who produces rap and R & B music.

Rushing said he is in the process of gathering the names of the officers and will file an official complaint with the department.

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