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Special Thanksgiving for freed hostage

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SILVER CREEK, MS (WLBT) - James Robertson was raised in Louisiana, graduating from high school in Lafayette.  He went into the oil business out of high school and has been there ever since.  He has 20 years with Transocean, the company he is working for in Nigeria.  

He has lived in Mississippi since 1984. Robertson is what is known as a tool pusher, the foreman on an oil rig just off the coast of Nigeria.  He had been warned by the company he could be taken hostage but promised everything possible would be done to free him, if that happened.  As it turned out, the Nigerian military raided the militant camps and freed Robertson, allowing him to come home for his best ever Thanksgiving.

 "It's gonna be the best one I ever had, I mean this is really spectacular. To me it's better than Christmas, to be home for Thanksgiving after the little ordeal that I went through over there. Knowing that everybody else is with me in spirit and everybody was praying.  It's gonna be great." 

Robertson is a very likeable man, and he says he worked well with his fellow workers in Nigeria.  Most of them say they will not go back unless he does and that is what he plans to do.  Working a dangerous job in Nigeria gives him about $1,500 more per month than he would make in the U.S.  He has learned what a great country the United States is, spending so much time away. 

"This is the greatest country, people need to realize that, before it's too late." 

James Robertson doesn't hesitate when he says this is by far the best thanksgiving he has ever had.  He is glad to be back in his hometown of silver creek, and hopes everybody appreciates how lucky they are to be born an American.  

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