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Christmas tree selection: A family tradition

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RANKIN COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Just as shopping on Black Friday has become a tradition, so has choosing the family Christmas tree. But finding a place where you can pick out and cut your own tree is becoming a thing of the past in Mississippi.

We did find one in rural Rankin County on Highway 43 near the Reservoir. But, this will be the last year for the Nichols Christmas Tree Farm.

Most of the trees on the Nichols Christmas Tree Farm on Highway 43, are around five years old. They are what is known as the Leyland Cypress, a favorite of Mississippians, because it grows here easily and does not shed.

Jamie Massey, who is only 23 and has worked here nine years says the idea of the Christmas tree farm is just not as popular as it once was.

"The big thing about it is that people are preferring the Fraser Fir, and the Fraser Fir doesn't grow in Mississippi too well. We have to bring it in. And I guess time," Massey said.

The tradition of taking the whole family out to a Christmas Tree farm and selecting the tree, still growing and alive is one treasured by the Mike and Molly Gardner family from Madison. They were joined by the children, Ethan 13, Sarah 18, Moise, 11, and Katlyn 13. It was a hard choice, but they finally selected a seven foot tree that sold for $42.00.

"It's a family tradition, to come out and pick Christmas trees out and cut 'em, the ride on the hay bales and it's just tradition, said Mike Gardner.

"It just had the fuller shape, and it looked, you know nicer than what we saw on the way down. Like I said it's just more of a traditional tree," added Molly Gardner.

The Nichols Tree farm is about two miles west of Mississippi 25 north of Jackson at the Canton, Pisgah exit. It's down Highway 43 about two miles on the right.

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