Insurance company wants judge off Minor lawsuit - - Jackson, MS

Insurance company wants judge off Minor lawsuit

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) - An insurance company wants former Mississippi Supreme Court Justice Oliver Diaz removed from a lawsuit involving imprisoned former attorney Paul Minor.

Meanwhile, Minor thinks the judge should step down.

Diaz is Minor's lawyer in a $12.5 million lawsuit brought by USF&G Insurance Co. USF&G says Diaz could be a witness in the case and shouldn't be representing Minor.

Minor, Diaz, and former judges Wes Teel and John Whitfield were indicted on corruption charges in 2003. Diaz was acquitted. The others were eventually convicted.

USF&G claims it paid out $1.5 million due to a corrupt deal between Teel and Minor.

Minor claims U.S. District Judge Henry Wingate should not hear the lawsuit because he presided over the criminal case.

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