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Skycopter 3: Tornado damage aerials

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CENTRAL MISSISSIPPI (WLBT) - The best way to really gauge the impact of a violent tornado event is from the air.

Skycopter 3  flew over Leake, Attala and Yazoo counties.

The scene from above reveals the brunt of the damage.

In the dark of night storms slammed central Mississippi.

It was daylight that brought to light the misery.

WLBT took an aerial view in Leake Co. near Shiloh Road.

Houses were either picked up or blown off their foundations debris littered the landscape.

Stately oak trees were twisted and slammed to the ground. Skycopter 3 flew to Attala Co. were the trail of weather terror continued.

Skycopter 3 flew over the hardest hit areas.

Mobile homes literally exploded.

One was flipped on it's side on Sudduth Road.

Utility crews are out in force restoring power.

People in communities like Sallis in Attala Co. were caught off guard some had no where to run for shelter.

Six people were injured in Attala Co. according to preliminary damage reports from the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

In Yazoo Co. as residents focused on weather reports, screens went black, power went out.

A possible twister touched down.

On Eagle Bend Road, 18 wheelers were tossed around like tinker toys, a massive farm building was torn apart .

It's metal roof pried open.

The very same area where 12 people died in a massive April tornado.

This time no one lost their life in the fury, some 15 people suffered injuries statewide.

Many more were left stunned by the wrath of mother natures return visit to Mississippi's tornado alley.

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