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Tenants at Nova Park Apartments plead for needed repairs

By Cheryl Lasseter - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Since our story aired Thursday, Entergy has come out to the Nova Park Apartments and sealed off the exposed meter boxes, which posed a danger to the men, women and children who live there.

Tenants tell us a complaint has been lodged with the City of Jackson's Code Enforcement Division, but they haven't seen any city trucks pull up yet to check out the broken windows and faulty support posts, the mold, and the exterior lights in the parking lot and walkways, that tenants say haven't worked for years.

Dana Ward says, "It wasn't like this a few years ago. It was Kosher. It wasn't, I hate to say this, it wasn't ethnic, it wasn't ghetto, it wasn't hood. But when that one apartment burned down, that's when everything started crumbling down.

Last winter, a kitchen fire destroyed a first-floor unit. The tenant still lives there, across the hall. But that fire seemed to spark the neglect that's undeniable now.

Steven Smith lives here with his girlfriend, his two month old daughter Kiana, And a third roommate who provides proof of income.

Smith says he gets paid in cash doing odd jobs, But wants to be a brick mason.

Their heat won't turn off and their faucet runs by itself.

Smith admits they stopped paying rent because of the disrepair and on Friday they missed a court date to own up to it.

"When I first got here we were paying rent. After the U.S. Marshals kicked our door in looking for some person who doesn't stay there. Then she's supposed to come fix the lock, she never fixed it. Then on Thanksgiving Day, that's when our apartment got broken into," Smith said.

"...People look at it like we're young tenants. We're gonna tear up, damage their property. But I'm not that type of person," Smith added.

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