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Store owner pleads with public to identify armed robber

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – The owner of a convenience store is reaching out to the public to help get an armed robber off the streets.

The thief used a shotgun in a crime captured on surveillance cameras.

Raceway convenience store owner Vishesh Trehan is outraged at the bold actions of the unidentified man who held up his business around 4:30 Sunday morning.

"This guy is not just a threat to my business or my clerk or my customers, he's a threat to the community," said Trehan.

Cameras throughout the Highway 18 store recorded his every move.

"He bought a candy and gave him pennies and quarters and dimes to pay with and while he was counting all the dimes and pennies, he walked down that aisle there and pulled out a big shotgun," said the Raceway store owner.

The thief, who wore a black jacket with green camouflage sleeves, pulled the hood over his head as he pointed the rifle at the clerk.

The video images show him then reaching over the counter to snatch the drawer from the cash register.

In one minute 54 seconds the robber was able to take out a concealed rifle, hold up the cashier and even pick up change that fell on the floor when he emptied the drawer.

While the robber pointed the weapon, the clerk raised his hands and dropped to his knees.

"Here's a guy who's trying to make an honest living, and somebody's threatening his life," said Trehan as he watched video images of his clerk being held at gunpoint.

The store's Loss Prevention Specialist T.J. Luna is working with Jackson police to help track down the armed robber.

More cameras will be installed and other security measures taken.

Trehan said he is armed when he works at the store.

"When these thugs come in they look at those monitors and they know that we are watching their every move they make," said the 33 year old businessman.

Trehan owns restaurants in Jackson and said he purchased this business about five months ago.

He is disturbed about this first holdup and wants to be proactive in preventing future thefts.

"Put him on TV so people can identify him and we can put him behind bars where he belongs," said Trehan.

The armed robber is described as approximately five feet five inches tall and weighing about 135 pounds.

If you know anything about this crime call Jackson police at 601-960-1234 or Crimestoppers at 601-355-TIPS.

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