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Cold weather preparation

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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - The cold weather is expected for central Mississippi Tuesday night, and the freezing temperatures require preparation not just for people, but pets, vegetation, pipes and motor vehicles.

Fire officials say the greatest danger with cold weather is from space heaters.

Fire officials said space heaters are the greatest danger to people when unusually cold weather moves into a place, which has mild weather most of the time.

A space heater is usually turned up to make it warmer, with more cold weather, and placed too close to something that could easily catch on fire.

"There is always a danger whenever we have space heaters. Things around it. You are not familiar with your particular heat sources, and it will become a fire hazard. If you are not sure of it get a professional to come out and take a look at it," said Div. Chief R.D. Simpson, Jackson Fire Dept.

The devices which protect outside facets from the extreme cold, sold out at the Wal-Mart in Flowood on Monday.

If you can't get one somewhere else, you can wrap your facet with newspaper.

If you have plants which cannot be moved inside to protect them from the cold, they should be covered.

"If you can't do that then I would suggest plan to water the real well right now. That will help insulate them in itself, right there," said Maur McKie, Owner of Green Oak Nursery in Jackson.

Any internal combustion engine, which is water cooled, like the ones in a car, truck, tractor, boat, generator, or water pump must be protected from the cold by either draining the block or putting anti-freeze in to it.

If anti-freeze is not put into the internal combustion engine, the freezing could cause the block to crack.

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