Residents hope for economic boom in gas well - - Jackson, MS

Residents hope for economic boom in gas well

JEFFERSON COUNTY, MS (Mississippi News Now) -

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JEFFERSON COUNTY, MS (WLBT) – A new 22,000 foot natural gas well is nearing completion in rural Jefferson County. Many people are hoping the $12 million dollar project will turn into an economic boom for southwest Mississippi.

The Barkly-Phillips #1 well is northwest of Fayette, about a mile and a half from the Mississippi River.

It is being drilled near where a similar well was drilled in 1981.

That well was never completed because of the dangerously high bottom-hole pressures encountered and the fear of a blowout.

Nick Atencio, CEO of Mainland Resources in Houston, Texas says new technology makes this well safe.

‘This industry has a fantastic learning curve, technology has advanced considerably.  Do your homework and know what you are doing. Put the right people in place, the right talent in place, focus on it, hands on, know what you are doing and work with your people and we do that here."

The supervisor of the drilling operation, Mark Hardee of Jackson says a lot of Mississippi people are involved in this industry.

"A lot of the work force in the whole gulf coast oil industry, are the laborers from Mississippi. They take a lot of pride in their work and provide a natural resource that is so vital for our country."

This operation is self-sustaining expect for diesel fuel to run the generators and food.

The well is now at 20,530 feet, headed for 22,000 feet. You don't drill a $12 million dollar well out in the middle of nowhere unless you expect to hit pay dirt.

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