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Little girl wanders into woods, found several hours later

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 YAZOO COUNTY, MS (WLBT) -  A little tired and hungry, but three year old Karissa Rodgers was not hurt after spending four hours lost in the woods Thursday afternoon.

"(I was) playing in the woods," Karissa explained.

Her father, who is partially deaf, said he was in the front yard and only turned away for a second when Karissa disappeared.

"We were hollering and hollering and she wouldn't answer nobody," said Wiley Rodgers, Karissa's father.

Friends and neighbors joined in the search.  "I actually went outside and I was running up and down the yard looking in trailers looking in yards," said Sheldon Beman who helped in the search.

After about an hour they called 911.  The Yazoo County Sheriff's Department enlisted the help of volunteer fire departments and a helicopter.  The gravel road was spotted with houses and surrounded by woods.

The hours were ticking by and the sunlight was fading.  Search crews knew they didn't have much time before the temperatures would dip below freezing.

"It was getting dark and cold and it was scary," said Karissa's aunt Jessica Rouston.

About 800 yards from Rodger's home nestled near a deep pond they found Karissa.  She had followed her puppy to that location.  The family, who has lost so much in the last year, believed the lost little girl was never really alone.

"Her mom passed away last year on Thanksgiving and I just knew she would be safe.  Her mom was watching after her," said Rouston.

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