COPY-Recovery continues after tornado damage in Leake, Attala County - - Jackson, MS

COPY-Recovery continues after tornado damage in Leake, Attala County

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NEAR LEAKE-ATTALA COUNTY LINE, Miss. (WLBT) - The most intense tornado that hit Mississippi Monday night and Tuesday morning was an EF-3 twister in Leake and Attala County.

The twister touched down in Leake County, where it lifted a house off it's foundation, and then crossed over into Attala County, completely obliterating two mobile homes and damaging many others.

The well built house stayed together, protecting it's four occupants from injury, when it was picked up by the tornado, and dropped back down in the northwest corner of Leake County at 1240 Rome Road, just off Shilo Road.

As the storm crossed the Leake-Attala County line to the north, it apparently intensified obliterating two mobile homes on County Road 4022, just south of Highway 14.

One of the these homes had a house built around it but that provided no protection.

Nobody was home.

Leake County Emergency Operations Manager Tommy Malone feels very fortunate that his county avoided the more serious damage.

"All we have right now, is one house that we are gonna consider it as being totaled. And that's because of some of the structural damage that occurred once the house was lifted up by the tornadic winds and set back down. Four occupants in the house was moved around, but they are all ok," Malone said.

To the east of Wingard Hill, more mobile homes were destroyed in southern Attala County.

This damage is on what is known as Wingard Hill in southern Attala County where two mobile homes were wiped out.

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