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Good Samaritan saves drowning woman

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Howard Foster a warehouse manager at Goodwill Industries does good deeds for a living. What he did on the way to work Thursday was heroic, after witnessing a car go flying into the waters of the Ross Barnett Reservoir.

Foster is being credited with saving the life of Veronica Adul Ali, who lost control of her SUV and ended up in the reservoir water.

"My first instinct was to help the lady especially after I broke the window and she was so afraid I could see it on her face," says Foster.

Braving the freezing temperatures and risking hypothermia himself, Foster took off his shoes and shirt and swam to the car.

Foster says "She's not a swimmer, she battled we went under a couple times then after that she swam pretty good, found a way to stay above water, we got back up on the car.  Another guy came with a life preserver ring, lifeguard ring we tied the rope to it the guy that brought the rope swam back to shore and they pulled us all in."

Pearl River Valley Water Supply District Manager John Sigman says the roadway was icy, and their warning signs were flashing telling motorists to slow down.

Sigman says, "The lady (Veronica) admitted she was going over the ten mile per hour speed limit that was posted at that point."

Foster remains humble despite his brave actions, saying, "I'm not a hero, I'm just somebody that was there and like any other man I would expect to do if they see somebody else mother, parent they would go out and help."

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