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Cold temps cause water main breaks across Jackson

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By Jewell Hillery 

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The capital city's aging water pipes cracked under the pressure of Monday night's frigid temperatures.

According to city officials, fifteen water main breaks were reported across Jackson.

City crews worked non-stop, throughout the night and into the day, to make repairs.

Late Monday night, an explosion of water gushed into the street and up into the air in south Jackson. It happened near the intersection of Terry Road and Woody Drive.

Jackson resident, Charles Varner says, "I'm not all that surprised especially considering it was pretty cold last night."

Freezing temperatures resulted in water mains breaking throughout the city. Varner who lives in Belhaven says he didn't see huge gusts of water explode in his neighborhood, but the frigid temperatures did cause a pipe to burst near his home at the intersection of Parkhurst Drive and Pinehaven Drive.

"It's pretty common in this area, we see them all the time," says Varner.

The break didn't cause Varner's water to go out in his home. But that wasn't the case for one of his neighbors. Barbara Hamilton helps take care of an elderly woman in the neighborhood. Hamilton says her elderly friend was without water for several hours early this morning.

Hamilton says, "For her being her age it's hard for her to get around without having any water or anything because she can't even drive anymore."

Around 9:30 Tuesday morning, city crews began digging deep into the ground to fix another pipe break. This one was located at Gunda and Monterey streets. City officials say the number of breaks reported is within normal range for this time of year.

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