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Patrick House reacts to winning NBC's "Biggest Loser"

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - On Tuesday night, when 28-year-old Patrick House burst through a paper image of himself at his peak weight to reveal his new frame, the stress of seven months of relentless workouts and strict diet plans melted way like the pounds he's lost.

"To see that 400 pound man, then to see me at 219 pounds last night, what an experience, what a life changing journey for me and my family, and the state of Mississippi. Mississippi gets a bad rap for coming in last in a lot of things, but not in The Biggest Loser," House tells WLBT News by phone Wednesday.

House's aunt, Patsy Carroll of Madison, shows us pictures of the slim little boy and physically fit teenager who played football in high school and college, and began gaining weight after suffering a back injury.

House lost his job as a salesman this past January, and Carroll knew then, something was about to happen. "It was just divine providence. It worked itself out," she says. "I'm a great believer in things happening like they're supposed to. I think this all happened like it was supposed to. Even to last night."

As the confetti fell on House Tuesday night, his family cheered him on in the audience. We caught up with his wife Bradley last week at a party in Vicksburg, celebrating her husband's journey to The Biggest Loser finals. She had a surprise of her own for House.

"I was wearing a size 14 when he left. In August, when we went out for the makeover, I was down to a size 6," she told us. "We were both equally shocked to see each other. I've never seen Patrick so small."

Now it appears Patrick, Bradley, and their two young sons will begin a new life in South Carolina, where the winner has accepted a job at a start-up camp for overweight teens called Mindstream Academy. House plans to mentor the young people who enroll in Mindstream.

He's also starting a Patrick House Foundation that will award scholarships for the Academy. 

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