Secretary of State kicks off "Check Your Charity" campaign - - Jackson, MS

Secretary of State kicks off "Check Your Charity" campaign

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By Ashley Conroy

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -- With just 10 days before Christmas, many Mississippians are finishing up holiday shopping.

The Secretary of State's office says this is also the time Mississippians like to give to their favorite charity.

"Mississippi is the most generous group of people in the country," Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann said. "We give away more per capita than anybody else does."

Hosemann warns Mississippians to be cautious of where their money is going.

"If you go on my web site you can look there and you can see how much of each dollar is spent on management and how much actually goes to the charitable purpose."

Every year, they launch their "Check Your Charity" campaign and post information on all registered charities in Mississippi. 

For instance, the Ambassadors of Children out of Greenville, placed 100 percent of their costs back into their organization.    

Mark McCrary with the Mississippi Center for Non-Profits says their job is to educate charities on how to run their business effectively.

"There might be some out there that support more administrative than they do programs," McCrary said. "That's really the kind of charity you need to watch out for."

He says they also keep a tab on how much charities pocket.

"Certainly our members, we really focus on making sure your program allocations go to help serve go to help serving Mississippians and the communities that you serve."

The Better Business Bureau recommends abiding by the 35/65 rule, where at least 65 percent of charity dollars goes back to the cause, and no more than 35 percent to overhead costs.

The Secretary of State lists about 4,500 hundred registered charities on their web site.

To Check Your Charity go to:


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