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Community raises money for tornado victims

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ATTALA COUNTY, MS (WLBT) – Victims of a tornado that ripped through Attala county last month are trying to rebuild their lives without federal assistance.

The community is holding benefits to help raise money for families who are starting over again.

More than two weeks after Attala county's tornado Peggy Williams and her family return to the site where the EF 3 twister tore away part of her roof.

They have no insurance and are temporarily staying at a hotel.

"It's very hard because I'm taking my children to school and then they're getting off at my mother's and then you know you're eating out at the restaurants, different ones. Some people invite you to their house and eat and that's helping," said Williams.

The family lives on County Road 4022.

It is just one of the roads in Attala county that was struck by the November 29th tornado.

Three homes were destroyed on this road.

Tracy Wingard's brothers lost their mobile homes in the storm.

The Wingards grew up on the gravel road where mainly family members reside.

Dogs now guard the piles and walk around fallen trees with debris trapped in their limbs.

"They don't have any help. One of my brothers, he's totally lost everything. All that's left were splinters, and he didn't have anything. Then my other brother he had some salvage but no house," said Wingard.

One brother had insurance.

The other did not.

According to MEMA, nine mobile homes were destroyed.

Two houses were damaged.

Attala county was not included in the disaster declaration so there will be no financial assistance from the federal government.

Four homes were also destroyed off Highway 14.

The community is raising money to help the families. covered a benefit held Friday in Kosciusko.

The donation drive raised more than $8,000.00 in four hours.

Pastor Michael Williams, who took part in the event, said more than $10,000.00 has been collected and will later be distributed directly to those affected.

"We just ask people to just pray for us, and help us in a mighty way," requested Wingard.

If you would like to help the Attala county tornado victims you can make donations to the Beat 4 Community Club at Citizen's National Bank.

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