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A family's journey to bring their child success

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By Ashley Conroy - email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Courtland Collins was born profoundly deaf in January of 2009. In December 2009, he received a device called a Cochlear Ear Implant.

Courtland's mother Kendra Collins said after her son received the implant at first it was an adjustment.

"For him, I think when he first got activated it was very strange he didn't know what that sound was or what was going on."

For the past year, he's been attending the Magnolia Speech School in Jackson. His family drives an hour and a half from Tallulah, Louisiana everyday to give Courtland the best schooling available to help him communicate.

"The day before Thanksgiving he said I love you to us," Courtland's mother Kendra Collins said.

Out of 70 students that attend the Magnolia Speech School, the Collins family is just one of 12 that drives more than 60 miles one way to provide the best education for their child's needs.

"We're really humbled by the fact that these parents sacrifice like they do," said Executive Director Anne Sullivan. "They get up and drive for hours one way everyday to get here."

Luther Bonds is one of these families. He and his wife raises their 4 year old granddaughter Zykeria Bonds.

Bonds drives his granddaughter two hours one way to the speech school four days a week.

"And so we travel approximately 194 miles a day."

Bonds says his granddaughter contracted meningitis when she was younger and doctors think this may have caused her to have a hearing impairment.

However, he says the drive is worth it. "I make a great sacrifice to do it," Bonds said. "Because I want her to have the quality education so she can fit into the stream line of life."

Sullivan says the Cochlear Ear Implant is becoming much more of a demand for children that are significantly deaf.

To accommodate this, they plan to add regional speech school locations around the state.

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