Nurse arrested for sexual abuse of bed-ridden patient. - - Jackson, MS

Nurse arrested for sexual abuse of bed-ridden patient.

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By  David Kenney - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A nurse in the capital city has been charged with sexual battery.  The victim in this case, a patient, under the special care of doctors.

A Jackson hospital employee arrested for sexually abusing a patient went before a judge Thursday. 53 year-old Scott McLean is charged with three counts of sexual battery.

Police say the victim is a 44-year-old black female, who is a patient at Central Mississippi Medical Center, where McLean works as an registered nurse.

Police also say the victim was bed-ridden. Detectives say McLean was arrested after his co-worker reported witnessing him fondling a patient, who was not under his care. Jackson police filed the charges against him, because the patient is still hospitalized.

J.P.D. spokesperson Colendula Green says, "The victim was heavily sedated so she didn't know this incident was happening to her but the nurse who was coming into the room, caught this individual in the process of committing these acts."

Investigators say McLean admitted to abusing the patient two other times between November 30th and December 6th. He is on suspension from the hospital. His bond was set at 150-thousand dollars. Officials at C.M.M.C. declined to comment on his arrest.

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