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Trucker's Christmas miracle

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SCOTT COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Here's a real making a difference story. The story behind a Christmas miracle. People are calling a Scott County man an angel, a hero and the ultimate good Samaritan. The truck driver risked his life to save another following a violent head on collision this morning near Morton about 3 miles south of i-20.

Jerome Thomas just happened to take highway 13 to work this morning instead of Interstate 20. The day before his Christmas vacation was to start. He rounded a curve three miles south of Morton and saw trouble. A head on collision. The victims were critically injured. One was trapped inside crushed by a burning mass of mangled metal.

Passersby used every fire extinguisher they could find, time was running out. The truck was about to blow. According to Scott County Deputy Sgt. Markus Lingle, "I had basically given up hope, it was too far gone to get him out, but somehow they were able to get him out alive."

As fire raged inside the truck and burned the victim, the muscular truck driver vowed not to lose the victim. With brut strength Jerome Thomas broke out windows, then miraculously used brut strength to bent a large hot metal frame into a v shape, with his bare hands. "Jerome is a big strong guy. He used his physical strength to tear the portion of the door down and make room to get the gentleman out of the burning vehicle." Thomas said, "The whole door was caved in. The only thing was get my hands on the top and start pulling. Where did you get the strength? The man above."

Many on the scene believe an Angel was sent from above. Witnesses agree. Sgt.  Lingel said, "It was absolutely a Christmas miracle."

As for the humble truck driver simply looking forward to his days off and Christmas with his loved ones. "I'm not a hero. Christmas is just right around the corner and I couldn't let. If he has a family he couldn't be without his family and that's why I wanted hopefully to get him back to his family."

The unidentified driver was airlifted to UMC's emergency room. He was listed in critical condition, as was the driver of the other vehicle in the head on collision.

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