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Tornado drive funds distributed to victims

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ATTALA COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - Caring community members in Attala county are showing  victims of last month's tornado the real meaning of Christmas.

Wednesday money raised to help them get back on their feet was put directly into their hands.

Three days before Christmas victims of the November 29th tornado gathered at Hill Spring Missionary Baptist Church in Sallis to receive funds raised by the community.

Each affected family was presented a check.

Eva Nash's mobile home on Attala County Road 4045 was destroyed.

"The next thing I know I could see a refrigerator hitting me dead in the face, and it tore my ear up," said Nash.

The 40 year old and her five children are living temporarily with her brother.

"It threw my kids out one way. It threw my little girl in the wheelchair which can't walk, never walked, threw her up against a tree. She got stitches everywhere," said Nash.

Sixty five year old Inell Wright and her husband Earnest were inside their Wingard Road mobile home when the twister hit.

"It just got louder and louder. After a while it had reached this ferocious stage, and I said that's a tornado. I didn't have time to get scared," said Wright.

The destruction didn't meet federal assistance qualifications.

Kosciousko's mayor declared December 10th as Attala County Storm Victim's Help Day.

Area ministers met to pray and raise money.

"Thank God with the community and the churches and the friends and the merchants. They raised like $8,072.00 within eight hours," said New Center Ridge Church Assistant Pastor Martha Jones.

"It was a blessing that people came out and donated their time and their effort and their money to try to give them something for Christmas," said Attala County Supervisor Kary Ellington.

Nine families received donations ranging from $250.00 to $750.00.

More than $12,000.00 were collected.

Breezy 101 Radio station aired the donation drive and helped spread the word.

"What I've witnessed here over the past several weeks is a community pulling itself up by it's own boot straps, and it's incredible," said Breezy 101 reporter Chris Davis.

Six injuries were reported.

"I want to thank God for sparing every body's life. Materialist things we can replace, but we can't replace a life," said Deacon James Mallard of Cedar Grove M.B. Church.

Nine homes were destroyed on Highway 14 and Attala County Roads 4022 and 4045.

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