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Pets left in hard times

By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - It's been a rough couple of years for many Mississippians. Even tougher on some pets. Donations to area animals shelters are down. Caretakers say the number of pets and animals needing care are up.

Caretakers at animal shelters like CARA, a no-kill shelter in Jackson, say the economy has forced many to give up their best friends simply because they can't afford to care for them. Others have been dumped on the side of the road, others like Noel chained and left out in the bitter cold.

According to Janet Madden at CARA, "We brought her in and we thought there wasn't much hope for her and she was so cold she wouldn't get up all day. But the next day, she was up bouncing around, eating everybody's breakfast."

CARA, now has 300 dogs and 100 cats. Supporters continue to help keep the lights on and the animals fed, but those who work here hope the animals will be adopted out to good homes.

"It's been very hectic. We've gotten a lot of animals in. People are moving due to the economy," said Madden. "I think they are having to move because of jobs or they'll be lost their jobs or they are being evicted. So the animals they have no place to go. They bring them to CARA."

At CARA every dog or cat has a story, everyone has a name.

This shelter was recently awarded a big grant from the Pepsi Challenge for charities to build better facilities for the dogs. 42 new kennels will soon go online and these dogs awaiting adoption will be in their new digs.

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