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Bull rider released from hospital

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Courtesy The Clarion Ledger & Brian Albert Broom Courtesy The Clarion Ledger & Brian Albert Broom

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Eighteen year old Holden Hedgepeth is out of the hospital. The Arkansas teen was stomped by a bull Sunday night during a youth rodeo in Jackson. He sustained multiple bruises but no broken bones.

The first blow, a smash to the head from his horns, then multiple peltings from the hooves. 

Hedgepeth said, "I remember nodding my head, leaving the sheets, then coming to the hospital that night, nothing in between." 

Hedgepeth was knocked clean out, got a concussion and several bruises. Wednesday he was already out of the hospital, back visiting with friends at the arena. 

"it's just an accident that happens." 

As a bull rider, he expects bumps and bruises. This is the worst he's been hurt, but it's a risk he faces everytime he goes in the arena. 

"Stuff like this happens every day. I don't see me being different from anybody else from this sport that gets knocked out or injured. Just part of it, you shake it off and keep getting on." 

Arena organizers say Holden is just plain lucky. 

"He got stepped on a time or two got thrown up under the bull, the bull was just doing what he's supposed to do and he was in a bad place at that time, were glad Holden is doing good and back with us," said Len Cooke. 

Holden's been competing in rodeos for five years now. .He will have some healing to do before he can return to the arena. Despite the hard fall it's something he's determined to do. 

"By the picture, it looks a lot worse than it could have been." 

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