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When will County Line Road be completed?

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – County Line Road is one of the most heavily traveled thoroughfares in the metro area.

But for more than a decade, thousands of Jackson motorists have detoured daily to reach the other side.

In April of 1998 plans got underway to connect east and west County Line Road.

Twelve years later not much has changed.

County Line still dead ends at the railroad tracks on North State Street near Tougaloo College.

"They do need to upgrade this area because they have a lot of wrecks through here and stuff, and they really do need to redo this area," said Annie Rasco of Yazoo City.

Motorists are still de-touring to reach the other side.

"It would keep from having to go all the way around 49 South sometimes around the other way to get to County Line," said Charles Simmons of Jackson.

Jackson city officials tell WLBT that $11 million dollars in federal transportation funding have been used to date on the project.

West County Line has been four laned to Richmond Grove Road, the street closest to the railroad tracks.

Jackson resident Clemon Parish travels the area daily and has seen some progress over the years.

"It's better access because the traffic is so bad on the other side going through Tougaloo so actually it would be a whole lot better if they would open this up and let you go right across the railroad tracks straight to County Line," said Parish.

"It is an inconvenience to have to come through here, but I take that back, I'm glad they made some type of effort to make this come through here since they opened this up, but other than that I still think it's undone," said Albert Taylor of Jackson.

Just west of the Richmond Grove Road West County Line intersection you can see through the trees and over the railroad tracks to the other side, the busy intersection between Target and Logan's Roadhouse Restaurant.

According to Jackson city officials more money is needed to finish the job.

Escalating construction costs are prolonging the connection.

"Acquiring right-of-ways has delayed completion. The city needs more than $5 million dollars to finish that phase. We are seeking additional federal funding," said Jackson City Spokesman Chris Mims.

The final phase includes relocating and elevating the Canadian National Railroad to allow for construction of an underpass for both the existing West County Line Road and the new West County Line Road.

No date has been released for completion of the project.

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