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Internet prostitutes busted again

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 JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - In October, we told you about a prostitution operation that solicited business over the Internet and operated out of a house on Langley Street. Hinds County deputies shut it down, but that didn't stop the perpetrators. 

We discovered the same duo, "Chocolate Thunder" and "Vanilla" back in action at a house on 151 Texas Avenue in west Jackson. And believe it or not, we found them through an ad on the Internet.

The ad in had a bold announcement: "Chocolate thunder and Vanilla are back." There is a phone number and the declaration that neither Hinds County vice and narcotics Captain Nick Clark nor WLBT could stop them. 

25- year-old Amanda Howard declared, "I did not post that about Nick Clark. Somebody else did and I reported it to my P. O." 

But they were stopped, at least for a night. 

Captain Clark said, "We'll have more than one individual going to jail here tonight." 

Some familiar faces came out of the house on 151 Texas Avenue. 27-year-old Marcus Allen was arrested, again, for procuring prostitution; once again in violation of his parole. 

Allen said, "I ain't trying to go back to the penitentiary." 

 25-year-old Amanda Howard or "Vanilla", now 34 weeks pregnant, was charged with possession of marijuana and felony child endangerment. She could also face parole violation charges. Also arrested was 22-year-ole Patrice Conner, known as "Chocolate Thunder". She was charged with possession of marijuana. Two others were busted for pot possession: 20-year-old Lamonica McClain and 19-year-old Darmain Burqett. 

Captain Clark said, "Unfortunately, a lot of these folks get arrested. Then they go back; get right back on the street. They do the exact same thing again and it makes it hard for the law abiding citizens who try to do the right thing; live right and follow the rules. They can't help but wonder why these people are continually released back on the streets dong the exact same thing they did before." 

Lieutenant Jeffrey Scott was in disguise, prepared to go undercover if necessary, but there was no need. Deputies found evidence of a criminal enterprise that involved more than prostitution. There was a bogus computer in the house, two pieces of wood, wrapped and ready to dump off as a great deal for a couple of hundred dollars on some unsuspecting buyer. 

So, Chocolate Thunder and Vanilla are out of business, once again, at least for now, but Captain Clark says he wouldn't be surprised to see them breaking the law again in the future.


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