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Sheriff says prostitution busts to continue

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Hinds County Sheriff Malcolm McMillin said, oldest profession or not, his department  will continue to crackdown on prostitution in and around the Capital City. Deputies raided a house Wednesday night and arrested a duo calling themselves, "Chocolate Thunder" and "Vanilla". The house is located in west Jackson on 151 Texas Avenue. It's not the first time the women have been arrested and their message on an Internet advertisement may have led to this latest bust. 

 25 year old Amanda Howard was arrested in October. She was 5-months pregnant and about to perform a sex act for money in a house on Langley Street. Hinds County deputies arrested Howard, also known as "Vanilla" and her alleged partner in crime, 22 year old Patrice "Chocolate Thunder" Conner, charging them with prostitution. The house was shut down, but that didn't stop the duo. 

Howard yelled, "I'm innocent this time, I ain' t did nothing."

Investigators discovered an ad on a website called, proclaiming Chocolate Thunder and Vanilla are back and boasting "Nick Clark nor WLBT can stop us". Clark is a captain over the vice and narcotics unit of the Hinds County Sheriff's Department. This time the pair set up shop at a house on 151 Texas Avenue. Both Howard and Conner allege it was rival prostitutes and not them who posted the advertisement. 

In handcuffs, Howard said, "That would be dumb for me to put on there that Nick Clark can't stop me. Nick Clark stopped me on Langley (expletive) Avenue man!" 

Conner, also in handcuffs in a squad car said, "Why we gonna bring the police to our house. That's just...put a number on there three times? That's why we got our number changed. If they really did the info, they'd know what's up. That's all I got to say. Bye. I'll see y'all!" 

So why bother arresting prostitutes when they are back on the job in a matter of days? Sheriff Malcolm McMillin says it's not a victim-less crime.

 "There are a number of problems associated with prostitution. You've got drug dealing. You've got drug use. You got the sexually transmitted diseases that you have to worry about. I mean it's at the root of almost any street level crime that there is.", said McMillin 

And now, Howard or "Vanilla", faces a more serious charge of felony child endangerment because she was in a house where marijuana allegedly was being smoked. Howard is just weeks away from delivering her baby. 

McMillin said, "We'll see that what's done is best for the child is done." 

As for Conner or "Chocolate Thunder", she and three others arrested in Wednesday's raid face charges of marijuana possession. Investigators tell us 27 year old Marcus Allen, a felony offender on parole, will likely be returned to the penitentiary after also being charged with procuring prostitution and allegedly being in possession of a bogus laptop computer; often used to scam unsuspecting customers. 

McMillin said, "What we hope to do is, we know that we're not going to eradicate prostitution and we know that they're not going to a nunnery. We know that we can't stop it. It's the oldest profession in the world, but we sure can make it difficult for you to operate." 

An officer with the Mississippi Department of Corrections asked for assistance from the Hinds County Sheriff's Department after receiving a tip about parole and probation violations at the house.

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