Fire hydrant running for 3 weeks and counting - - Jackson, MS

Fire hydrant running for 3 weeks and counting

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - As Camron Jones walks along Woodburn Street in Jackson, where he lives, he can't believe what he's been seeing every day lately.

"I mean it's just a waste of water," he says.

Water has been gushing out of a hydrant on Woodburn near Oak Forest Drive for about three weeks now.

"It's ruining yards, running down the hill, it's just a mess," Jones says. "Constant problems. We just wanna know, if you're taking all these tax dollars out of our money, where are they going to?"

One neighbor tells 3 On Your Side that about three weeks ago, the City of Jackson came and patched up what they thought was a water main break about five houses away from the hydrant. But ever since then, that hydrant has been running.

There's also a trickle of water coming up a few feet away from the work site.

Jones says he and other neighbors have called the city, and they've seen workers drive through and pause to look at the hydrant. "I've seen trucks come through here, pass through like it don't matter," he says.

We called City of Jackson Spokesman Chris Mims. He says he will ask a crew to check on it. We also called Chief R.D. Simpson with the Jackson Fire Department. He says the Water Department has been flushing the lines since the roadwork was done on Woodburn. No word on when the flushing will be complete, but at that time the hydrant will be shut off.

Jones wishes the city would at least let the residents know. "I just wanna be informed. What's really going on, why are we wasting water. Some people don't have water to waste," he says.


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